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The Smove.City Equity Plan For Cities

The Smove.City Equity Plan For Cities

Smove.City will work with each City in good faith to implement the “Smove.City Equity Plan

we believe in engaging the community& working together with local authorities

Our equity plan can be summarised as follows

  1. Income-Eligible Membership: Smove.City will offer a discounted annual membership to income-eligible individuals.
  2. Programming, in partnership with community organizations, to introduce new audiences to bicycle share, such as group rides and riding classes.

  1. Smove.City bicycle distribution commitments are geographically equitable by requiring Smove.City to rebalance bicycles to all areas of the City.
  2. Smove.City will expand Program coverage to underserved parts of the City in mutual agreement with The City

Smove.City will measure its equity efforts through(i) rider demographics and(ii) accessibility of bicycles in targeted neighborhoods.Smove.City will seek the advice of local researchers and experts to improve methods of measuring equity in bicycle share.

If you are a city official or journalist and would like to know more about our equity plan you can reach out to our press contact at

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