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BikeShare for all

Our innovative bikeshare system with electric connected bikes.

Electric Bike

We use two different electric shared bike models, the most advanced and durable sharing bikes on the market.


The motor is where the magic happens. Precise build and quality material maximize performance, while intensive digital modeling and prototyping optimize efficiency.


Maintenance free brushless and gearless motor is designed for optimal performance. With 500w max power, 250w rated power and 47N.m net torque.


Safe, stable and swappable battery. Custom made BMS and a robust battery pack design decreases operational expenses.


Powered by the highest quality batteries. 39 Samsung battery cells (50E) creates a capacity of 48V15Ah. Swappable technology decreases operational expenses with an average range of 90km per charge.


Stays connected with reserve power for up to 20 days, even when the main battery is low. With full range best-in-class IoT functionalities.

We simplified how to use shared mobility.

Detailed Trip Data

If you click on a particular trip, you get more detailed information.

Overview Of Trip Before Starting

We provide general information of your trip before you start the trip.

Choose A Destination

Enter a destination, or click on a place on the map.
You can also choose from your favorite places.

Report Technical Issues

Easily report any technical issues by selecting them and making a picture
along side a note describing the issue in detail.

Mobile Application

We provide a mobile application that was designed and developed based on feedback by actual users of our electric bikes. The User experience is important. We will let you judge us.

Add Favourite Places

Advanced Route Information

Detailed Trips History

Speed & Traffic Information

Report Issues With 1 Click

In App Live Chat & Phone Customer Support

In App GPS & Autopilot Mode

Android Appstore

Park your electric bike respectfully.

We respect local legislation and we encourage our users through the mobile app to make sure every electric bike is parked at a dedicated parking area approved by the city.

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Start your Sustainable Mobility Journey using SMOVE.CITY

Use the right plan for your mobility needs.



Perfect for your everyday commute. 20 minutes free every 24 hours. After the 20 daily minutes you pay €0.35 per minute.

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The perfect subscription if you just want to have access to our sustainable shared mobility all the time. With this subscription, there is no limit to how many times you can use our electric bikes per day, use it as much as you need and want.

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259 /mo


With Flexible you pay a one-time joining fee and can cancel anytime.


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With Regular there’s no joining fee, and you’re eligible for free cancellation after the first 6 months.

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How To Use Our Bikes

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