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Electric bike solution using optimized pedal-assist technology.

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SMOVE.CITY is a Data Driven Electric Bike Share Solution & Mobility Platform. We offer shared electric mobility options as an alternative to traditional forms of urban transport. Our electric bikes use optimized pedal-assist technology which allow us to offer the highest level of performance.

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Long-Term Leasing.

Rent a personal electric bike with a monthly fee.

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We simplified how to
use shared mobility.

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Detailed Trip Data

If you click on a particular trip, you get more detailed information.

Overview Of Trip Before Starting

We provide general information of your trip before you start the trip.

Choose A Destination

Enter a destination, or click on a place on the map.
You can also choose from your favorite places.

Report Technical Issues

Easily report any technical issues by selecting them and making a picture
along side a note describing the issue in detail.

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Read Our Use Case of The City Of Kortrijk

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Overview Of Bike Usage

We turn the data from mobility services into actionable insights to help
your city get better, and make transportation more efficient. We make it
simple to create effective data-driven decisions.  Read more.

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    Trusted by some of the most innovative European cities

    We embrace holistic city development & support cities that offer & promote sustainable mobility options. However, sustainable mobility options alone don’t solve the overal problem. If you want to tackle the bigger issues which are linked to societal challenges, you need to have access to data.

    The SMOVE.CITY Mobility Data Platform transforms your city into a smart city using your mobility data. Join us

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