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Easy to use branded mobile application
for your citizens.

Ready to Use

Create a profile in a few seconds. Easily restrict the access to the mobile app to only your city inhabitants or community members.

Innovative Technology

24/7 connectivity, easily book an electric bike.

smove app

Reserve & Ride

Easily reserve 15 minutes before the ride. Lock and unlock in a few seconds.

Constant Updates

We constantly update our mobile application to bring you the best technology on the market.

Lovely Features

Easily track you usage through our features such as the CO2 saved.
Our fleetmanagement dashboard
Powerful Fleet Management Dashboard For The City.

Have the full control over your fleet with our powerful fleet management software.

Our Fleet Management Dashboard gives the full control to the city. The city has access to real time data and historical data. As a city you can use the fleet management dashboard to measure the number of trips between location A and location B during a certain amount of time. In the Fleet Management Dashboard, the city decides on the map where the electric bikes can be used and parked and when the electric bikes can be used.

The cities use this data for urban planning and to understand the mobility in their city. We use Machine Learning to improve our platform, our platform will predict where the highest demand will be and at what time.

See which electric bikes are reserved, booked, active, inactive..
See the maintenance history of all the electric bikes
Adjust your own territory with a geo-fence
Predict the day-to-day user behavior with confidence
Receive real-time updates on your fleet.
Smove | Fleet Financial Services & Fleet Management Dashboard
Smove | Smart Mobility Solutions | Fleet Management Dashboard Software
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Reliable Data
Use Our Data For Urban Planning & Understanding Mobility In Your City.

Every day our platform will provide you the data to know your system and its riders better. Machine learning powers the tools that will help you continuously fine-tune rebalancing operations, all in real time. See which areas in your city and or community have a higher demand for mobility. Through our data you will be able to predict future demands in certain areas. With our data you can efficiently improve the mobility and urban planning in a cheap and affordable way.

Smove | Smart Mobility Solutions | Fleet Management Dashboard Software
Smove | Smart Mobility Solutions | Fleet Management Dashboard Software

Improvements for your city or community after introducing our services

Decrease in traffic
Quality of Life
Urban Mobility
Access to Mobility for the underserved population

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