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For Cities Bikeshare.Mobility Platform

Derive insights from location data.

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We solve mobility problems with Location Intelligence through our mobility data analysis platform in combination with our electric bike sharing solution.
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The Control

The city purchases the E-bikes, owns the bike share system & has control over how, where and when the E-bikes are used.

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Data Catalog

A wide range of datasets across categories.

Browse the data catalog to discover thousands of public & premium datasets to enrich your analysis and to help you better understand your city.

Thousands of public datasets.

Thousands of premium datasets.

We can show you, better than we can tell you.
Our Offering

Bike share solution

Smove.City provides cities and municipalities their own shared e-bike solution by providing the software system that manages the bike share solution. Revenue from the bike share solution is for the city which can be used for the operations of the bike share.

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Mobile Application

We provide an innovative mobile application that allows riders to book a bike.

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Mobility Platform

Our data based mobility platform is dedicated to cities that want to have control over their mobility data.

Our platform allows the cities we work with to have a real understanding of the mobility in their city based on real time data.

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Mobility Explorer

Access 2500 Public Operators Worldwide

Save Time & Money, Learn from similar cities world wide. Why would you spend years on mobility research or on feasibility studies regarding shared mobility implementations in your city, if you could just use The Smove.City Platform to access insights from other cities in just a few minutes?

GTFS Real Time

Real time data feeds from transit providers around the world.

Global Transit

We aggregate transit feeds from over 2,500 operators in over 55 countries.

A Global Transit Map

The map is designed to emphasize routes of buses and trains with more frequent service, while still showing the full extend of transit coverage.

Our Commitment To A Better Future.

To solve  societal challenges

you need to look at the bigger picture.

By providing an electric bike share solution and a Mobility Data Platform we give European cities access to useful data and the possibility to tackle societal issues. If used effectively, data can become an enabler for a better society and a more efficient public sector.

SMOVE.CITY Mobility Data Platform

Electric-Bike Share System With Mobile App & E-Bikes

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We have a real impact

Enabler For A Better Society

The challenges our society currently faces, ranging from natural disasters to traffic congestion, are of a scale and complexity that traditional policy tools cannot always address. Data has the potential to not only provide new scientific insights, but also to inform policymaking and deliver better public services. 

Data Solution

Mobility Data Platform For Cities

We provide our mobility data platform to cities who already have bike share solutions but are still in need of a data platform to understand the mobility in their city.

Mobility Solution

Electric Bike Share Solution

For cities who still require a sustainable mobility solution, we provide an electric bike share solution including a mobile application together with our mobility data platform.

All the electric bikes are connected to our platform and the city has the control over the e-bike share system.

Connecting the dots, one city at a time.

The SMOVE.CITY Mobility Platform.

The real value of data does not come from a single dataset, but from combining datasets from different sources.By enabling datasets from different origins to be combined, the Smove.City mobility data platform may produce strong social welfare benefits.

Traffic Accidents Map Analysis

Analytics & Visualisation.

Understand mobility patterns in your city, from shared mobility to people movements.

User friendly

Mobile Application

Our electric bikeshare users can lock and unlock our electric bikes easily in just a few seconds.

We provide in app GPS navigation on cycle-friendly routes.

We provide customer support inside the app with our live chat messenger.

We can also be reached by phone or mail directly from inside the app.


The Future of Electric Bikesharing

With our mobile app, you always have access to our connected electric bikes.

Seamless Integration

We can easily connect to other platforms through APIs and we connect to multiple data sources.

Mobility Planning.

Optimizing public transport infrastructure, such as bikes, buses, trains, & metro services, is paramount in order to reduce traffic & improve road safety.

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