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SMOVE.CITY Company  bikes.

Our sustainable mobility offer to companies.

We offer Electric bike fleets to companies.

A fleet of minimum 20 electric bikes that are always parked at the company. Employees can make use of these electric bikes to move around during the working day but they always have to return them back to the company office. We take care of the maintenance and operations of the company fleet. This offer starts at €149/bike/month with a minimum of 20 electric bikes, this fleet of electric bikes can be shared by all the employees.

Shared Fleet of E-Bikes that can be used amongst  your employees.

Company Fleet

All inclusive

This offer provides a minimum fleet of 20 electric bikes. The fleet of electric bikes can be used by your employees to go to meetings or lunch for example but they always have to return the bikes at the company office.

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Company Shared E-Bike Fleet

Mobility Influences Your Employees

Mobility has always been an important element in the decision-making process of people when they decide where to work.

Now more than ever people prioritize to work at a company that is close by their home or which offers great sustainable mobility options. Time is everything and wasting time in traffic sitting in a car is something people prefer not to do anymore. They look at other options and the electric bike has proven to be a great and reliable alternative for the company car.

Companies can count on SMOVE.CITY to offer electric bikes for their employees either a fleet of bikes parked at the company offices which can be used for meetings or access to all our electric bikes which are available in the city and can be used at any moment of the day.

Company Shared E-Bike Fleet

Mobility determines the value of real estate

Mobility is increasingly making its mark on real estate choices and therefore on the value of real estate. Centrally located properties are gaining in value. And the better, but less well-located buildings are becoming increasingly unattractive.

Real estate buyers often take into account the movements between the place of residence and workplace, school and shops. They are often interested in locations where everything is close by, so prices are rising in city centers

Real estate development  companies can count on SMOVE.CITY to offer shared mobility for their real estate projects starting at a minimum of 20 electric shared bicycles that residents can use via our mobile application to move around in a sustainable and afordable way.

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