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At SMOVECITY, user feedback is key to our service. Our mobile app is designed based on input from actual electric bike users, ensuring an intuitive and user-friendly experience. Expect a smooth and enjoyable ride with SMOVECITY.

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Detailed Trip Data

If you click on a particular trip, you get more detailed information.

Overview Of Trip Before Starting

We provide general information of your trip before you start the trip.

Choose A Destination

Enter a destination, or click on a place on the map.
You can also choose from your favorite places.

Report Technical Issues

Easily report any technical issues by selecting them and making a picture
along side a note describing the issue in detail.

At SMOVECITY, our electric bikes are more than just a mode of transportation – they're connected objects that provide real-time feedback on their position, battery level, and more. Whether you prefer a self-service or long-term rental option, getting started is easy. Simply download our app, choose your preferred offer, and you're ready to go. Experience the convenience and innovation of our electric bike-sharing service today with SMOVECITY.

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Download the app

Create an account for free

  • Use your email address and phone number

Register a payment card

Take a bike

Enter your destination

  • The app finds a bike nearby

Unlocking your SMOVE

  • Simply scan the bike’s QR code or enter its serial number

Enjoy The Ride

Experience an exceptional journey

  • Integrated navigation will take you safely wherever you need to be

Mobile Application

Add Favourite Places

Advanced Route Information

Detailed Trips History

Speed & Traffic Information

Report Issues With 1 Click

In App Live Chat & Phone Customer Support

In App GPS & Autopilot Mode

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Payment Options

SMOVECITY's mobile application includes a feature called "The Wallet", which lets you deposit money from your bank app without the need for a credit card.

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Download The SMOVE.CITY app.

Download The App, Plan Your Next Bike Trip

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Bancontact, Yes, we have it.

You can pay with Credit card, Bancontact, Payconiq and your bank app. We have it all.

⸺ See how it works
⸺ See how it works
Available to launch in your city

Use SMOVE.CITY to Explore the CityVisit a BarVisit a RestaurantVisit Your FriendsCommute to Work

At SMOVECITY, we prioritize respect for all road users, which is why our electric bikes are always parked at dedicated bike parking spots. With our user-friendly mobile application, you can use one of our shared electric bikes by simply entering the name of a nearby restaurant, bar, gym, or other destination – no need to enter the full address. Say goodbye to parking headaches and hello to convenient, sustainable mobility with SMOVECITY.

— Track Bike Usage

Overview Of Previous Bike Rides

Overview of the duration of each previous bike ride.

Overview of the Carbon grams of each bike ride. While cycling may not have a completely carbon-neutral impact due to the emissions generated from manufacturing and distribution, as well as the potential need for extra food to fuel the rider, its carbon footprint is significantly lower compared to other modes of transportation. In fact, cycling just 2 miles a day, five days a week instead of driving can offset the initial carbon footprint of a bike within a year. In addition to being environmentally friendly, cycling is also incredibly energy-efficient. Riding a bike for 960 miles only requires the same amount of energy it takes to drive a car for just 20 miles. With these benefits in mind, it's clear that cycling is a sustainable and efficient mode of transportation for both short and long distances.

Overview of the total KM's of each bike ride including the Kcal of the total bike ride.


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Have questions?

After entering your destination address, the app shows you the bikes closest to your position: these can be in the public space, in a dedicated parking space, or in a physical station.

If your bike is not attached to a station:

  1. To unlock it, click on the "SCAN" button and scan the QR code written on the smartphone holder fixed under the handlebar of the bike. If you are unable to scan this code, you can also enter the bike number starting with 10XXX by clicking "MANUAL" at the bottom left of your screen.
  2. Once the code is entered, wait a few seconds for the app to connect to the bike. Once connected, the bike will beep and the app will display your ride route on the screen.
  3. Hang your phone on the support provided, in the center of the handlebars, and enjoy your ride!

If your bike is attached in a station:

  1. Approach the bicycle parked at the end of the line, opposite the stationary post. To unlock it, click on the "SCAN" button and scan the QR code written on the smartphone holder fixed under the handlebar of the bike. If you are unable to scan this code, you can also enter the bike number starting with 10XXXX by clicking "MANUAL" at the bottom left of your screen.
  2. Once the code is entered, wait a few seconds for the app to connect to the bike. Once connected, the bike will beep and the app will display your ride route on the screen.
  3. The bikes are attached to each other via two magnets located on the right side of the bike. To detach the bike from the previous one, press the left brake handle of the bike and pull it towards you; the bike will come off naturally.
  4. Then hang your phone on the support provided for this purpose, in the center of the handlebars, and enjoy your trip!

If the bike you want to use is broken, the app will offer to park it near the station and you can then start a new ride request by scanning the QR code of the next bike.


You have the possibility to reserve a bike. Select the bike and click on the "RESERVE" button. The reservation time varies depending on your position, after this time, the bike can be accessible again for other users.

If you can't find the reserved bike, it may be just around the corner or hidden by street furniture. If you still can't find it, contact customer service via the application by clicking on the "❔" icon. We can direct you to another bike available.

ou have arrived at your destination and want to end your trip? Click on the "END" button at the bottom right of your screen. Once you have dropped off your bike, you will receive a summary of your trip including the distance travelled, the price you were charged and the health and environmental impact of your trip.

In certain areas defined with the municipalities, physical stations have been installed to allow better management of bicycle parking. On departure, after entering your destination, the app automatically indicates the parking zone closest to your point of arrival.

If the app prompts you to drop off your bike at the nearest physical station, follow the instructions that appear on your screen:

  1. Attach your bike to the terminal or to the last bike present thanks to the two magnets located on the right side of the bike, following the guidance on the ground
  2. Turn the handlebars about 30° to the right to make it easier to insert your Zoov, and to make sure that the two magnets on the bike are properly attached. The bike should then emit a "beep" sound
  3. Your trip should ended automatically. Once your trip has ended, you will receive a summary of the trip including the distance ridden and the price you were charged.

If there is no station nearby, you can leave your bike in a public location that does not interfere with the circulation of other users. Be sure to follow these few parking rules:

  • do not park the bike on a sidewalk where it could get in the way of pedestrians, especially people with reduced mobility
  • do not encroach on the roadway
  • do not block the exit of a private road or an emergency exit
  • do not park the bike on private property


To browse your trips history, click on your profile icon at the top left of the home page, then on "my trips".

You will find the list of all your old trips. By clicking on a specific trip, you can consult:

  • the date and time of the trip
  • the price you were charged
  • travel time and distance traveled

During your trip, several features are available to you:

  •  Start your trip by entering a destination address: we will offer you a bike with sufficient autonomy to get to your destination, it will also allow you to reserve a bike, but also to anticipate redirection to stations by end of trip. You will also be able to scan the bike directly without entering a destination address. This feature is still recommended.
  • Add, delete or modify your destination address at any time.
  • Alternate the display of your screen between the GPS and the counter of your trip, by clicking on the circle at the bottom left.
      • GPS: you can be guided to your destination by following the directions.
      • Counter: you will be able to see in real time the duration of your trip, the number of km traveled as well as the percentage of the battery of the bike.
  • Pausing your trip:
      • click on the "PAUSE" button at the bottom left of your screen to pause your trip.
          • maintains your reservation on the bike
          • you will be charged at the rates applied for a classic race
          • This function is mainly useful if you need to secure the bike for a short time.
To resume your journey, simply click on the "RESUME" button at the bottom of your screen. It is necessary to click on this button to be able to end your journey.

You are in front of a SMOVE but you don't manage to connect to it.

First make sure that:

  • Bluetooth is activated on your smartphone
  • Mobile data are activated on your smartphone
  • The SMOVE app has access to your camera (to scan the QR code of the bike)

Once verified, scan the QR code of the bike and wait for a few seconds. If the app runs in loop with a ∞ symbol on the screen indefinitely, please follow these manipulations:

  • close the application
  • deactivate your Bluetooth and your mobile data then reactivate them (you can also restart your phone)
  • relaunch the application and try to connect again

Have you arrived at your destination but are unable to end your trip in the application? We invite you to carry out the following operations depending on the encountered problem:

  • The app displays a message telling you it can not connect by Bluetooth to the bike or loads indefinitely? Close the application, deactivate Bluetooth and mobile data and then reactivate it (you can also restart your phone). Then relaunch the application and try to connect again
  • The app tells you that "restitution is impossible"? You are currently in a prohibited area, it is not allowed to end your trip there. Please follow the route displayed by the app to return to an authorized zone and drop off your bike.
  • The app does not detect that your bike is parked at the station? Make sure that the bike is well hooked by its two magnets. Turn the handlebars about 30 ° to the right to facilitate the insertion of your SMOVE, it should then emit a "beep" sound.
  • The app locates you in the wrong place on the map?The app may locate you in a prohibited area / station area when you are not actually there, or it may locate you far from the station while you are nearby. It is possible that your geolocation is not correct.

Accessing the SMOVE mobile application is essential to use our service. Without your smartphone, you cannot unlock a bicycle. If your phone battery is discharged in the following cases:

  • after making a booking : your booking will automatically expire after the allotted time but you will not be billed.
  • during your trip: you will no longer benefit from GPS navigation but you can continue your journey to your destination. However, you will need to turn your phone back on and access the application to be able to complete your trip.
  • at the end of your journey: if you cannot access the application to end your journey, please contact us as soon as possible by email at

Indeed, as long as you do not finish your trip, the bike remains connected to your account and you will be billed.

Also note that you can switch the application to energy saving mode by swiping up the navy blue insert at the bottom of your screen. You will no longer benefit from GPS navigation but you will keep your trip information as well as the battery level of the bicycle and the speed at which you are riding.

During your trip, the GPS position reported by your smartphone in the app is inaccurate ? We invite you to follow these steps in order to solve the problem:

  • Open the Google Maps application (or a similar one).

Is the GPS position correct? If so, come back to your SMOVE app to update your location.
If not:

  • Deactivate your GPS location in your smartphone settings, then reactivate it.

If the problem persists you can restart your smartphone.
For Android users:
Be aware that the power saving mode can have negative consequences on the frequency of feedback of location information. You can deactivate this option to ensure the proper functioning of the application.

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