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Experience a truly connected e-bike. The software commanding the engine ensures that pedal-assist kicks in right when it’s needed

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Unique self-diagnosis features

Embedded sensors monitor mechanical, electrical, and software systems to proactively detect potential failures before they become problems for users.

Always Connected

Usage of real-time communication of the GPS position and reporting of more than 50 different forms of data via BLE, WiFi or LTE-M.

Easy-to-swap battery

Batteries have a range of 40 kilometres. They are embedded directly in the seat tube and can be swapped in seconds.

Built to last

These E-bikes have a lifespan of over two years and feature a 100%-recyclable aluminium frame and fork.


Field Oriented Control technology fine-tunes pedal-assist power to the user’s needs and optimizes battery consumption 30% better than other electric bikes.

Over-the-air updates

IoT features enable large-scale firmware rollouts and updates to the e-bikes without service interruption.

Real-time data

The bikes’ Lightweight M2M communication protocols instantaneously log all events in the backend system.

Download APP Download APP

Create your account for free.

Using your email address and phone number.

Enter your destination

The app finds an e-bike nearby with sufficient battery to get you to your destination.

Unlock your E-Bike

Simply scan the bike’s QR code
or enter its serial number.

Enjoy the ride

Integrated navigation will take you safely
wherever you need to be.

Follow the app’s parking instructions

Depending on neighborhoods, you will have
to park at a station or in free floating.

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