Together We Can Create Better Cities.

Smove.City partners with cities to provide sustainable smart (electric) bike share solutions. We give the total control and the data to the city. As it should!

We Focus On Data.

Real Time Overview

In the fleet management dashboard, each city has complete access to all the data in real time.

Total Control, For The City

The city decides where the electric bikes can be used, the city decides how the electric bikes can be used, the city decides when the electric bikes can be used. The city decides, always.

Providing sustainable solutions.

Our sustainable electric and mechanical bikes are designed to be the safest, most durable mobility options on the road today. Our fleet management dashboard uses machine learning to optimize our platform and we constantly update our platform.

Measuring the impact of the bike share solution.

Measuring the impact of bike share solution.

Our fleet management dashboards provides a real time customized view of the bike share data, specific to each city’s goals. In-depth APIs allow cities to analyze trends and measure the impact of micro-mobility—all while identifying issues and improving infrastructure within communities.  To learn more, contact us.


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