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Announcing a New Electric Bike Starting Operations in 2021.

Announcing a New Electric Bike Starting Operations in 2021.

Today, SMOVE.CITY announced a new electric bike with swappable battery which has embedded sensors that monitor mechanical, electrical, and software systems to proactively detect potential failures before they are even a problem for users. This new electric bike is engineered by Zoov in France and is currently one of the best electric bikes on the market. The Zoov Electric Bike uses Field Oriented Control technology to fine-tune pedal-assist power to the user’s needs and optimise battery consumption by 30% compared to other electric bikes. When not in use, Zoov electric bikes enter low power mode – saving precious energy for the next rider. SMOVE.CITY will start operating this electric bike in 2021.


Our mission at SMOVE.CITY is to provide sustainable and affordable mobility solutions for all (read about the SMOVE.CITY Equity Plan For Cities to find out how SMOVE.CITY is making sure everyone in the community has access to sustainable and affordable mobility) and to support cities in achieving their sustainable mobility goals through our mobility data platform and our sustainable and affordable electric bike sharing solution. To be able to achieve this mission, we need better, more efficient and more sustainable electric bikes. This new electric bike model will help to further achieve our mission. The Zoov electric bikes can be operated seamlessly with or without smart stations, depending on the guidelines set by cities.

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The charging/docking stations we use are engineered in France by the same bike provider as our new electric bike. These stations provide the most versatile and adaptable charging technology. They work with the electric bike batteries , but you can also just plug them into any socket. These stations can literally be installed anywhere. No need for any construction or construction permits.


zoov docking charging station