Mobile Application

We provide a dedicated and easily to use mobile application

Dedicated Fleet management Dashboard

With our powerful fleet management dashboard each city has the full control over their electric bike-share fleet. Each city has access to real time data of their electric bike-share system

Real-Time Data

We provide insight and real time data that can be used for urban planning. Machine learning allows us to predict user behaviour.

Maintenance & Customer support

We take care of the maintenance of your fleet and provide customer support.

One monthly price, everything included

We keep it simple, we have one monthly price, everything included from the software to the hardware
One monthly price, Everything included.

At Smove.City we keep things simple and efficient. All our services are included in the monthly subscription price, from the maintenance, software to the hardware, everything is included. Our goal is to resolve the mobility issues of cities and communities. That is why at Smove we closely work together with cities and communities to understand the size of the fleet that will have a significant impact on their mobility issue. We constantly provide data to the city so that they can use it for urban planning, with our machine learning we can predict the user behaviour. With virtual and physical infrastructure we give the full control of the bike-share system to the city.

Average Fleet Size
Average Daily km
Average Daily Time less in traffic
Average Battery Life
We aim for a long term partnership

Phase 1: Understanding the needs and fleet size
Before we start to work together, Smove.City conducts research to understand the ideal fleet size and which type of vehicle is most appropriate to have an impact on your city. We will then give you a proposal based on our research.

Phase 2: Onboarding
Smove.City provides workshops and onboarding support face-to-face.

Phase 3: Partnership
We see this as a long term relationship and we will stay at your disposal, we provide top notch customer support and are constantly innovating our software and hardware to continuously provide you the best service.

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