Mobile Application

Our offer includes a mobile application dedicated to your city with your city "parking zones" and "no-go zones"

Fleet Management Platform

Our powerful fleet management platform gives full control to the city.

Real-Time Data

We provide insight and real time data that can be used for urban planning. Machine learning allows us to predict user behaviour.

Maintenance & Customer support

We take care of the daily operations of the bike share.
One monthly price, Everything included.

At Smove.City we keep things simple and efficient. All our services are included in the monthly subscription price, from the maintenance, software to the hardware, everything is included. Our goal is to resolve the mobility issues of cities and communities. That is why at Smove we closely work together with cities and communities to understand the size of the fleet that will have a significant impact on their mobility issue. We constantly provide data to the city so that they can use it for urban planning, with our machine learning we can predict the user behaviour. With virtual and physical infrastructure we give the full control of the bike-share system to the city.


Can I rent more than one bike at a time?


You may only rent one bike at a time in the Smove.City app. We know riding is more fun with company, and encourage family and friends to register on the app to ride alongside.

What if there are no available spots at a Smove.City bike rack to park my bike?

If you have trouble finding an available spot at a Smove.City bike rack, our system also allows you to park at virtual spots marked on the map for no additional charge. In order to cover the cost of retrieving bikes, some Smove.City locations may require an additional fee if you do not end your ride at a rack marked on the map or at a virtual station marked on the map.

Are helmets required to ride with Smove.City?

We recommend that riders follow all applicable laws regarding helmets and other safety equipment in the areas that they ride.

Where can I leave my bike when I’m done riding?


Smove.City bikes can be parked at a Smove.City bike rack or any public bike rack or any public rack or at a virtual station displayed in the app.

How do I ride safely ?


Whether you’re new to biking, or feeling a little vulnerable on city streets, here’s some helpful tips to make your ride smoother:

  • Check your bike – test the brakes, check the wheels, and adjust the seat to your height. Find anything wrong? Let us know here, and we’ll fix it.
  • Plan your route – see if there are dedicated lanes or bike paths available to get where you’re going before you start.
  • Find somebody to ride with – Safety in numbers, and with lots of Smove.City Bikes around, have a friend come along on your journey.
  • Follow the rules of the road – Bike in the direction of traffic, and obey traffic lights. Giving signals to others on the road when making a turn can go a long way to keep you safe.
  • Have fun! – While city cycling should be approached with the same amount of precaution that any form of transportation should, it shouldn’t be a stressful experience. Cycling is safe, healthy and importantly, fun!

Am I financially responsible for the bike while I have it checked out ?


Yes. As detailed in the Rider Agreement, you are responsible for your bike while it is checked out on your account. Should something happen to the bicycle during your rental, your account will be charged accordingly.

Can I let someone else use my Smove.City account ?


No. You are responsible for any bike checked out under your account, as detailed in the Rider Agreement. Allowing others to use your account may result in suspension or termination of your account and you will also be responsible for any charges and/or damages incurred. Please encourage family and friends to register on the app to ride ride with Smove.City.

We aim for a long term partnership

Phase 1: Understanding the needs and fleet size
Before we start to work together, Smove.City conducts research to understand the ideal fleet size and which type of vehicle is most appropriate to have an impact on your city. We will then give you a proposal based on our research.

Phase 2: Onboarding
Smove.City provides workshops and onboarding support face-to-face.

Phase 3: Partnership
We see this as a long term relationship and we will stay at your disposal, we provide top notch customer support and are constantly innovating our software and hardware to continuously provide you the best service.

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