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City owned Bike Share.

Bike Share is in high demand! It’s for this reason that we provide our software and hardware to cities seeking to implement bike share solutions.

Publicly Owned and Operated

Under this type of contracting structure, the city plans, designs, implements,
and operates the bike share system. The city also owns all the electric bikes of the system, SMOVE.CITY provides the software. Read More.

Publicly Owned and Operated by SMOVE.CITY

This type of contracting structure means that the city owns the electric bikes and SMOVE.CITY provides the services and operations. Read more


The Future of Electric Bikes

Always Connected. These Electric Bikes meet the highest standards of comfort. Optimized pedal-assist technology to offer the highest level of performance. The Road is Yours.

smovecity zoov ebike bike eu

40 kilometer range.

Energy-saving software.

Torque sensor, no gears.

Up to 25 km/h.

Mobile App

SMOVE.CITY provides an innovative user friendly mobile app for the bike share solution.

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